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Ivan D.  Ustinov
Marketing Director

Ivan D. Ustinov Marketing Director

Graduate of the Leningrad Mining Institute, Mineral Processing Chair and of the post-graduate courses of the same institute, General and Physical Chemistry Chair.
From 1973 to 1997 he made a career passing consecutive positions of a research associate, sector manager,Chief Technologist of Design Department, Deputy General Director of Mekhanobr Institute.
In 1997- 2003 he is the founder and the Head of the Solid Refuse Treatment Consortium.
During his employment in Mekhanobr he supervised development and implementation of many processes for metallurgical and construction industries.
In 2004 he was promoted to the post of Marketing Director  in Mekhanobr-Tekhnika Research and Engineering Company.
He is the author of over 200 publications, 50 inventions and one monograph.
He is the Master of Sciences, Engineering (since 1973) and Doctor in Chemistry. (since 1990).He is Professor of a number of universities, a superviser of the  Research Training Center in Mekhanobr Tekhnika.. A Head and a member of a number of Certifying Commissions in some St.Petersburg universities.
A Member of the Board of Directors in Mekhanobr group of  companies.


Principal publications
  1. Ustinov I.D. et al. Complex action of flotation reagents. M.Nedra,1992, 160 pages
  2. Vaisberg L.A., Ustinov I.D Equipment and processes for treatment of biomineral raw materials”. Ore processing, 2004,No.6 pp 33-35
  3. Ustinov I.D. Resource potential of wastes. Solid municipal wastes.2009, No.12,pp 40-41
phone: +7 812 3310257 e-mail: ustinov_id@npk-mt.spb.ru



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