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Alexander S.  Stepanyan
First  Deputy General Director

Alexander S. Stepanyan First Deputy General Director

He entered Mekhanobr Institute in 1985.
During this period of employment he managed to accomplish a large volume of research and development commitments in crushing and classification fields. He published a number of his research studies and was granted a number of patents for his inventions. Was awarded  some medals and Honorary Diplomas for exhibitions of machines designed and manufactured with his participation.
He participated in development of some new processes for recycling industrial wastes and processing secondary raw materials.
The following: are his main fields of interest:
  - Foundry sand reclaiming process
  - Hard alloy tool wastes recycling
  - Electronic scrap recycling  

phone: +7 (812) 3310244     e-mail: stepanyan_as@npk-mt.spb.ru


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