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Alexander N. Korovnikov
Director , Concentrator plants  relations.

Alexander N. Korovnikov Director , Concentrator plants relations.

Graduate of the St.Petersburg Mining Institute, Mining and Electric Engineering  Faculty.

Specialty “Mining machines and complexes”.. In 1977 joined Mekhanobr Institute  which was renamed in 1991 as Mekhanobr-Tekhnika.. Held consecutive  positions Department Deputy Chief, Department Chief, Deputy Director, Director on Mineral Processing. Holds M.Sc. degree

(since 1988) and possesses many years of experience  in design, improvement  and implementation of equipment and processes  for mineral processing industry. He is the author of over 50 scientific papers, publications and inventions.Awarded a Honorary Diploma  of the St.Petersburg Governor.


Principal publications
  1. On problems of improving process and equipment for fine screening in non-ferrous ores processing. In book: Improvement  of crushing, milling, screening and classification processes. L.1985, Transactions of Mekhanobr Institute. pp132-152
  2. Development and tests of a submersion vibrating screen. Obogashcheniye rud,1983,No 6 pp 38-40
  3. Screening of finely ground diamond bearing ores with a submersion vibrating screen. Tsventyye Metally, 1985, No. 8 pp 113-115
  4. Hydrodynamic analysis of a submersion vibrating screen. Studies on sizing processes and machines. Transactions of Mekhanobr Institute. pp35-46
  5. New equipment of Mekhanobr-Tekhnika for advanced methods of processing  metal and non-metal ores. In: New technologies for Mining Industry. West-East Forum. Lyublin, Sept.20-22, 2001
  6. New generation of efficient screens for bulk ,aterials and slurries. Obogashcheniye rud,2001 ,No 5 pp 25-28
  7. Fine screening as an alternative for hydraulic size classification. Obogashcheniye rud,2004, No 3, pp 23-34
phone: +7 812 3310243 e-mail: korovnikov_an@npk-mt.spb.ru


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