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Vasiliy A. Arsentyev
Research and Development Director

Vasiliy A. Arsentyev Research and Development Director

V.A.Arsentyev after graduation from the Leningrad Mining Institute in 1970 was employed as a teacher at the same institute, the Chair of Mineral Processing. After that he joined Mekhanobr institute as head of laboratory.In 1980 he was promoted to Deputy Director of Mekhanobrchermet institute (town of Krivoy Rog) and held the post until 1990. In 1990 he was appointed as Director of Mekhanobr institute (Leningrad) and elected to the Board of Directors of the same institute which became a holding company.
V.A.Arsentyev is a renowned specialist in mineral processing, the author of two monographs, 80 scientific papers and 75 inventions.
He supervised and participated in development of technologies for chemical processing of Nikopol field manganese ores, Krivoy Rog field iron ores and flotation of Pechenga-Nickel copper-nickel ores. He wasawarded a Russian Government prize in science and engineering .He is the member of the editorial staff in the “Ore processing “ magazine.
At present Mr. Arsentyev supervises process engineering development both in primary minerals processing and industrial/municipal wastes processing.  

Principal publications

1. V.A. Arsentyev et al. Complex action of flotation reagents. M. NEDRA, 1992, 160 pages
2. V.A. Arsentyev , T.V.Dendyk Flotation and combined dressing of iron ores. “Chernaya metallurgiya” Bull. No. 1 1991, pp. 13-23
3. V.A.Arsentyev et al Principal trends in development of mineral processing and ways of primary problems solution. “Tsvetnye Metally” No. 2 1991, pp 63-68
4. V.A.Arsentyev , L.A.Vaisberg et al.. Production of cubiform crushed stone and sand by the use of vibrating crushers. VSEGEI Publ. House St.Petersburg,2004, 112

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