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Demolition rubble recycling plant

The state-of-the-art process for recycling construction wastes containing reinforced concrete involves imported from abroad  jaw and cone crushers, double deck screens and belt conveyors..

The use of conventional jaw crushers for coarse crushing implies frequent failures  caused by uncrushable objects found in the crushing chamber.. The cone crushers used on the secondary crushing stage fail to yield aggregate with low content of slivers and needle-shaped particles.

As distinct from those the processing line developed by Mekhanobr-Tekhnika comprises a vibrating jaw cruser, a vibrating cone crusher and a triple deck vibrating  screen.



The plant can be employed for processing demolition rubble containing reinforced concrete to obtain secondary aggregate

 Engineering data

Capacity, not less


Installe poer


Floor area (less stockpiles)


Total mass


10; 15; 20

292; 310; 372


62,5; 69,5; 82,5


Raw materials:

-  Manufacturing dumps of reinforced and unreinforced  concrete slabs;

- Demolition rubble;;

-  Reinforced and unreinforced concrete articles discarded in erection and transportation 

-  Construction concrete wastes of 350- 500 mm size  after prior destruction by any means: mechanical, hydrodynamic, blasting and others producing above indicated sizes.


Final products:

1. Coarse sized crushed concrete of – 70 + 5 mm size  containing natural stone or gravel pieces covered with hardened  mortar.

2. Small-sized crushed concrete of – 5 mm size containing cement stone particles and natural sand grains.

3.  Reinforcing steel containing differently deformed  rods, screens, carcasses, spacers..



 КID-900  vibrating cone crusher

Max.feed size,mm – 70

Product size,mm – 0-40

Capacity, m3/h – up to  25 

Drive motor kW – 160 

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm – (3300х1970х2580) 

Маss,t – 20 

КID-600 vibrating cone crusher

Max.feed size,mm – 50 

Product size,mm – 0-20 

Capacity, m3/h  – up to15 

Motor kW – 55 

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm  – (2500х150х2250) 

Маss  t– 8,5 

GIS-53Т  vibrating screen

Deck size,mm – 1750х4400 

No. of decks. – 3 

Screen opening,mm – 2-50 

Feed size,mm – 80 

Motor kW – 18,5 

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm  – (4772-4504х3155х2900-3650) 

Маss, t – 4,1-4,4 

GIS-43Т  vibrating screen

Deck size,mm – 1500х3700 

No. of decks. – 3 

Screen opening,mm – 0,1-40 

Feed size,mm – 150 

Motor kW – 11 

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm  – (4070-3850х2620-3250х2732-2862) 

Маss  t– 3,06-3,2 

VJC 440х800 vibrating jaw crusher

Feed size,mm – 0-350 

Product size,,mm – 45 

Capacity, t/h –up to 35 

Drive motor kW – 2х30 

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm  – (2700х2200х2300) 

Маss, t– 17 

VJC 440х1200 vibrating jaw crusher

Feed size,mm – 0-350 

Product size,mm – 50 

Capacity, t/h –up to 50 

Drove motor kw – 2х45 

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm  – (4000х3150х2300) 

Маss, t– 20 

VJC 600х800 vibrating jaw crusher

Feed size,mm – 0-500

Product size,mm – 70 

Capacity, t/h – up to 55

Drive motor kW – 2х37 

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm  – (3100х3000х2760) 

Маss, t – 20 


To see the  plant in operation pay a  visit  to OLVEX JSC plant in St.Petersburg.


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