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Rubber wastes recycling plant

The plant for recycling rubber wastes , including vehicle tyres, is designed to  treat the feed material in three optional stages, which produce the following different products.


First stage products: coarse rubber pieces, .metallic  rim flange ring

Second stage products: crushed rubber pieces, rubber crumbs, metal wire, fluff

Third stage product: reclaimed rubber.

. The reclaimed rubber can be used for manufacture of various rubber articles (such as bitumen, rubber carpets, splashers for vehicles etc..)


Anyone  of the above listed products is marketable and can be sold. The plant flowsheet can be equipped with  different machines depending on the  Customer requirements so that overall plant dimensions and power consumption  involving high starting current can be minimized .

As the treatment process takes place in enclosed space volumes no dust containing textile and fine rubber particles  is released into the environment  even when the material  is reloaded from one machine into the other. A dust suction system  can  be connected to the plant on site in order to recover textile fibers which are also a saleable product.




The plant may be used for production of rubber crumbs by shredding and comminution and recycled rubber by activated thermo-mechanical destruction  of rubber crumbs..The process represents a closed cycle which is safe for environment as  no noxious gases and substances are released into the atmosphere.


Engineering data

Capacity, not less than


Installed power, max.


Average specific power input


Size of rubber crumb product


Floor area,


Water consumption


Total mass





5-12; 0-1





Plant principal components:


Single rotor shredder

Capacity – 15 t/h

Dimensions (LxWxH) – (280031403945) mm

ss – 30000 kg 

Motor – 160 W 

Double rotor shredder

Capacity – 2,5 t/h 

Dimensions (LxWxH) – (600027003000) mm 

ss – 20000 kg 

Motor – 110 W 

Hammer crusher

Dimensions (LxWxH) – (300025001800) mm 

ss – 6500 g

tor – 110 W 

Magnetic separator

Capacity  – 2,5 t/h 

Dimensions (LxWxH) – (100014001500) mm 

ss – 560 g 

tor – 2,2 W 

Oscillating screen

Capacity – 2,7 t/h 

Dimensions (LxWxH)  – (180025001500) mm 

ss – 1250 g 

tor – 2,2 W

Roll crusher

Capacity – 0,6 t/h 

Dimensions (LxWxH)  – (480028001800) mm 

ss – 14100 g 

tor – 113,4 W 

Thermo-mechanical reactor

Capacity – (0,1-0,2) t/h

Dimensions (LxWxH)  – (430010002700) mm 

ss – 2800 g 

Power input – 77,5 W 

Gate shears

Dimensions (LxWxH)  – (382012001600) mm 

ss – 1,2 t 

tor – 10 W 

Flange ring extracting machine

Dimensions (LxWxH) – (36005001520) mm 

ss – 0,78 t 

tor – 7 W


Dimensions (LxWxH)  – (260010401380) mm 

ss – 2,1  

tor – 75 W


Raw materials

-  Industrialrubbercommoditieswaste; 

- Vehicle tyres with metal cord  or without it : 

    Tyre diameter – up to  1200 mm; 

    Rim width – up to 400 mm. 

For recycled rubber production 5-20 mm size rubber crumbs obtained in the 2-nd treatment stage   are used as a feed stock


Products obtained:

        1. Rubber crumbs in conformity with  58146599.1  standard entitled “Rubber crumbs”.

The following size fractions may be specified by the Customer:

- 1,5mm; 1,5-2,5 mm; 2,5-5mm(optional); 

        2.Metal scrap– to GOST 2787-75 Standard; 

        3. Reclaimed rubber as per TU 2511-007-23143512-00  Standard entitled “Reclaimed rubber, activated thermo-mechanically”.

        4.Specifications for discarded product- textile fluff – within 10 per cent of the plant feed.


Possible applications for the products obtained:

- Sporting structures: football field, tennis court and golf ground  surfacing, 

- children’s grounds surfacing , also mixed with polyurethanes; 

- as a filling for mined spaces; 

- as a substratum for urban tramways and railways ; 

- as a bitumen-based  hydro-insulating mastic  

- metal wire cuttings may be used for manufacture of fibrous concrete.

To see the rubber recycling plant in operation pay a  visit  to ELAST plant in St.Petersburg.


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