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Plastics waste recycling plant


  • The plant mobility provides possibility to operate it both at the waste producing site and  elsewhere.
  • It is capable of treating any plastics wastes  to obtain final products of the grade specified.. The technology used provides for over 14  circuits designed for the most of polymer materials used..
  • The flowsheet and the set of equipment are adapted for starting the process and terminating it at any stage  of the  process. to get the required secondary raw material.
  • Thefeedmaterialisupgraded  bywashing  and  comminutedbytwostageshredding.
  • The secondary raw materials produced  by the plant are widely saleable .
  • The process is sustainable due to low water consumption ensured by double water circulation system.. 


Recycling of various polymer material wastes by hydro-mechanical  technique to obtain marketable secondary raw materials.

Engineering data

Capacity, not less than


Installed power, max.


Floor area (less stockpiles) , max.


Total equipment  mass, max.







Plant principal components:


Feeding conveyor (primary crusher feed)

МD 7х9 high speed hammer crusher  (yielding 25 mm liberated product for subsequent washing ); 

Attrition washer  (separating non-plastic admixtures and  2-0 mm fines); 

Slime settling tank(yielding clarifiedreturn  water)

Washing mashine with ultrasonic generator (particle surface cleaning)


RN-300 rotor shredder (producing 8 mm size dry  saleable product); 

Surge bin (for material accumulation and dedusting); 

RN-450 rotor shredder (producing 8 mm size dry  saleable product); 

АRV-600 agglomerator(for drying and agglomerating material by friction with no heat supply); 

Hot mixer ( for preparation of hot polymer mass); 

Press (for manufacture of polymer-filled construction materials); 

Extrusion press (complete with a set of moulds to obtain various extruded  articles)


Feed materials:

High pressure polyethylene (HP PE)   -films, bottles, hard packing. 

Low pressure polyethylene  (LPPE)- hard packing : bottles, cans, cases, canisters. 

Polypropylene (PP) – hard packing, bottles, small volume packing, disposable tableware. 

Polystyrol (PS) - disposable tableware. packing, medicine things 

Polyethylene terephthatale (PETE)- packaing(bottles, canisters)


Final products:

High pressure polyethylene (HP PE)   -agglomerate, granulate, polymer crumbs. 

Low pressure polyethylene  (LPPE)- granulate, polymer crumbs,. polymer-filled construction materials 

Polypropylene (PP) – polymer crumbs , granulate. 

Polystyrol (PS) – polymer crumbs , granulate 

Polyethylene terephthatale (PETE)- PetFlex, agglomerate, polymer-filled construction materials


To see the  plant in operation pay a  visit  to PLASTPOLYMER JSC plant in St.Petersburg.


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