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Electric, electronic and cable scrap recycling plant


The world state-of-the-art for recovery of metals from electronic scrap involves incineration and melting as well as hydrometallurgical processes.. These processes are costly and  associated with the release of floxines and cancerogenes. They require heavy and  powerful machinery , a lot of materials – plastics, wood , textolites can not be recovered and are discarded  for long term storage. 

This technology provides possibility for treatment of electric and electronic scrap either with pre-treatment stripping of without it  depending on capacity required..High-velocity impact comminution yields a selectively disintegrated product  adapted for further magnetic and electrostatic separation into fractions  representing non-metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals  containing PGM, gold and silver. 



The plant is designed for production of a polymetallic concentrate   containing gold , silver, platinum, palladium and other metals,the content of non-metals in the concentrate not exceeding 10%., the recovery of metals being within  92-98% depending on the scrap grade.


Engineering data

Plat capacity


Feed size,


Product size (metal concentrate)


Non-metal product size


Total installed power input


Floor area


up to500


up to5

up to 5




Plant principal components:

RI 6[x6  rotor shredder

Capacity – up to  0,5 t/h 

Dimensions (LxWxH) – (2300х1000х1500) mm 

Маss – 1500 kg 

Motor– 22 kW


МD 7х9  high speed hammer crusher

Capacity – 0,5 t/h 

Dimensions:(LxWxH) – (1870х2100х14200) mm

Маss – 2300 кg 

Motor – 45 кW


GB 513 trommel

Capacity – 0,6 t/h

Dimensions(LxWxH) – (2600х900х940) mm 

Маss – 650 кg

Motor – 1,5 кW


3EB-32/50 electrostatic separator

Capacity:– (0,1-0,8) t/h 

Dimensions (LxWxH) – (1200х1100х2700) mm 

Маss– 970 кg 

Моtor– 4 кW



PBSC 40/10 magnetic separatorодительность– 0,5 т/час 

Dimensions (LxWxH) – (600х1000х1700) mm 

Маss – 270 кg 

Моtor– 0,37 кW


Materialsamenable for processing:

Articles: Printed circuit, ceramics and tantalum mounted capacitors , switches, relays, microwave appliances, scanning devices, transducers, microelectronic circuits, wire, grids, cables, semiconductors et al.. 

Маterials: Mirror glass , thermoglass cullet, china cups fragments, photo-paper ash, , Pd-catalysts, connectors, substrata, switch boxes, transistor

elements, electroplating wastes.. 


 Precious metals obtained after refining may be put to use for the following applications:: 

Gold: in jewellery,electronic and electric engineering industries, in decorative arts, stomatolofy. 

Silver: in electronic, electric engineering, photo-cinematography, jewellery, stomatology, medicine, mirror production.. 

Platinum: automotive, chemical, jewellery, oil and gas,medicine, stomatology,electric engineering,  glass production, . 

Palladium: automotive, chemical, jewellery, oil chemistry, ,medicine, stomatology ,electric engineering,  . 

Iridium  as a strengthening element in platinum and palladium alloys in chemistry, electric engineering, in medical tools for heart operations,in laser manufacture, jewellery:

Rodium in automotive industry, glass production, false teeth production, chemical industry. 

 Such electric, electronic and cable scrap  recycling plant is installed and operating at TECON mill in St.Petersburg.


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