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MSW recycling plant

Mekhanobr-Tekhnika Corp. offers for large and small population communities  an  integrated solution for municipal solid wastes (MSW) treatment .A base item is a refuse treatment plant capable of treating about 100 000 t/y garbage. The plant can cater for a township with 200 000 population. Based on this design flexible upscaling and downscaling techniques  provide possibility for design of  10 000 to 40 000 t/y capacity refuse handling plants.

Private investments into both small and medium-size  waste  treatment enterprises operating by the use of Mekhanobr-Tekhnika technology may be sufficiently advantageous.


Depending on Customer’s requests the flowsheet of the plant offered by Mekhanobr-Tekhnika may be designed for the solution of the following tasks , in total or in part:. 

-  reception of MSW delivered by refuse trucks. 

- selection and crushing of bulky items; 

- manual sorting on a sorting conveyer and mechanical screening out unrecyclable fraction 

- recovery of ferrous metals by magnetic separatuion; 

- recovery of non-ferrous metals by an eddy current separation; 

- biotreatment of organic components to obtain saleable compost 

- thermal or compaction treatment of unrecyclable fraction; 

- compaction and baling of recyclable products; 

- recycling of various materials to produce saleable products


Process description


`           Wastes entering the plant are X-rayed and stockpiled in heaps or in indoor sectional  receiving  bins.

Bulky objects larger than 450 mm are handled with a jib, a hydraulic grabbing crane or by hand. Large size objects are taken to pieces  by hand, the others are sent to a rotor shredder circuit. Waste articles below 450 mm size are manually sorted .on two sorting conveyers each having up to 24 operation posts.  Sorted material is discharged into the bins under which endless conveyors may be installed  to deliver material for some  further treatment or to a baling facility. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recovered  by mechanical means.

The sorting site is equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation on operator places and exhaust ventilation from upper and lower zones. Unsorted   part  of the  wastes (ballast)  is conveyed  to a decontamination facility.

Several ways of processing the ballast can be opted:

  • crushing and shredding jointly with bulky wastes  portion  to obtain waste derived fuel                     
  • separation of organic component and composting it to obtain saleable product
  • compacting for land filling


For proccessing separate classified materials refer to  specific installations  described below.


Advantages of Mekhanobr-Tekhnika MSW recycling plant:

·        high cost effectiveness; 

·        high payback of investments; 

·        no toxic emission into the atmosphere, no soil and water contamination,  

·        integrated approach ensuring maximally complete use of MSW resource  potential 

·        flexible and tailor-made flowsheet with a multitude of parameters adaptable to the Customer operating conditions; 

·        application of field tested innovation technologies

·        attractive for small business investments, well proved leasing patterns.



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