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for customers planning the use ofMagnetic separators
Below is the list of questions answers to which will help you to select your equipment
purpose of using magnetic separation (if possible attach the flowsheet)

Separation medium (wet or dry)

Material to be separated:
Name of material
Maximum size in feed (screen analysis, if possible)
solids content,% (for wet process)
Magnetic properties
percentage of material to be recovered.
name of material to be recovered.
magnetic susceptibility of materials to be separated.

Capacity required, t/h (solids in feed )

Operating mode:

Room characteristics: floor area , headroom

Have you used magnetic separators before? If yes, describe magnetic equipment used before (type, model, size, magnetic flux density)

Is it possible to send a test sample? (5-10 kg)

Other requirements and conditions

Fill in all the blancs and our managers will contact you
Company name
Contact person
Contact phone (country code, city code, phone No.)


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