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for customers planning the use ofElectromagnetic feeders
Below is the list of questions answers to which will help you to select your equipment
Material to be transported:
Name of material and bulk density
Max. size, mm
% of dust
presence of wet and sticky inclusions

НDescription of upstream device. If it is a bin indicate static load on the feeder exerted by material

Required feed rate,t/h,m3/h Indicate range of control, if feed rate should be variable

Preferable degree of slope
(recommended within 3-150 )

Layout requirements:
overhead vibrator underlying vibrator
Floor-mounted (indicate slope) Suspended
Open or closed trough

Is the feeder a new installation or replacement of prior machine?

Other requirements and conditions

Fill in all the blancs and our managers will contact you
Company name
Contact person
Contact phone (country code, city code, phone No.)


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